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Glaston MATRIX EVO: The best technology for tomorrow’sautomotive glass

Glasstec 2022 – with many reasons to celebrate!

Now with restrictions lifting and face-to-face events taking place once again, we are more than

happy to meet our glass industry friends in person again at this year’s glasstec 2022. And this

year especially – we have many reasons to celebrate.

The General Assembly of the United Nations has designated 2022 as the International Year of

Glass (IYOG 2022) to acknowledge the essential role of glass in our society. Glaston, a member

of the International Commission on Glass (ICG), the organization behind the initiative, is actively

participating in the celebrations. Glaston has been working to advance the technology needed

to produce more energy-efficient glass. We have mastered new AI-based solutions to amplify

human capabilities and deliver greater business value. And we are leading the discovery of

innovations to better support sustainability and mitigate climate change.

Below are just some of our latest developments that will be showcased to the participants at this

year’s glasstec 2022.

Glaston is shaping the sustainable future of glass

In flat glass tempering – with AI and automation:

The latest Glaston flat glass tempering lines Glaston FC Series, RC Series, and Jumbo Series

incorporate modern convection technology for the highest yield and flexibility.

Glaston Chinook is the market’s most efficient heating system, based on the highest number of

measurements and automatic process adjustment. This minimizes operator input while

maintaining constant high capacity. The Chinook convection system combines accurate

temperature profiling with uniform heat transfer to increase production and reduce energy

consumption with circulated air top convection.

Glaston Vortex Pro enables you to produce the highest quality glass products. Unlike any

other available convection technology, it allows heat to be focused on any specific glass sheet

location. Each convection nozzle is controlled independently, enabling thermal profiles to be

adjusted as desired and run in an automated sequence. Vortex Pro automatically adjusts the

convectional heat transfer according to glass size.

One of our latest innovations to automate the flat tempering process are the online stress

calculation solution using measured process data to calculate temperature and stress

distribution in the quenching part of the tempering process. Another innovation is our unique

white haze detection solution using artificial intelligence (AI). The tempering process

autopilot reduces the need for operator input and offers process control without parameters.

The White Haze Scanner is the first AI-based solution to provide a high-quality visual indication

of white haze on processed glass. The system instantly notifies users of an issue, allowing glass

processors to react immediately when unacceptable haze is detected. This helps minimize

waste and production reruns – and lowers costs over time.

By taking advantage of our latest innovations, customers gain higher bed utilization which leads

to higher energy efficiency and capacity, better quality, repeatability, and greater operational

safety. Based on data, every machine is also able to manage its own predictive maintenance

and suggest spare parts, when needed

In flat glass laminating:

Glaston ProL flat glass lamination line provides unprecedented flexibility for mixed production.

The ProL convection heating chamber makes switching between glass types and different glass

sandwiches easier than ever. The whole line – from glass handling to the latest PVB cutting

technology – has been designed for flexible operations.

The most recent trend in flat lamination is a growing use of structural interlayers. To process this

type of glass, Glaston has introduced new convection control technology that offers a

significantly wider operating window, even with complex laminates.

A higher degree of automation is also on the agenda for the laminating process. With our

lamination process autopilot, the furnace learns to achieve the most optimal way to run,

instead of having operators make adjustments manually.

In insulating glass manufacturing:

Glaston MULTI’ARRISSER is a 3-in-1 solution for economical glass edge arressing, flat edge

arising, and corner dubbing of the highest quality. All these benefits come with the proven

Glaston cup wheel technology uses only one wear part. With a maximum arresting speed of

60 m/min, Glaston MULTI’ARRISSER is the fastest single-head machine in the world.

TPS® is not just a machine. It is an ingenious system solution for highly efficient insulating glass

manufacturing. Glaston is the inventor of this technology with more than 150 installations


Production is significantly simplified as the Thermo Plastic Spacer material can be applied

directly onto the glass plate. This eliminates any need to stock different spacer profiles and

connectors. The spacer width can be changed as desired during operation without any time


TPS® is the most flexible way of producing IG units, multilayer or solar panels.

Glaston ACTIVE’SEALER is the sealer family member that combines Glaston’s proven dosing

technology with an outstanding economic advantage. Customers can rely on Glaston’s long-

term experience in automatic sealing technology for IG units.

ACTIVE’SEALER is especially designed for mid-range markets and completes Glaston’s sealer

product family. Together with COMFORT’SEALER, exclusively for the Chinese market, and

SPEED’SEALER, the market leader for high-performance sealing, ACTIVE’SEALER is

Glaston’s newest member to individually serve customer requirements for automatic IG unit

sealing robots around the globe.

Glaston CORNER’REFINER provides automatic corner treatment for the SPEED’SEALER. A growing number of customers are demanding that recently sealed insulating glass corners are

treated automatically with an effective corner treatment tool to relieve unloading operators from

this work.

The new CORNER’REFINER from Glaston has been designed as a quick and easy auxiliary

tool for existing SPEED’SEALER automatic sealing robots. After the corner treatment with the spatula system, a humified roll follows the corner contour of each IG unit. The nozzle change is

not affected. Even removing the CORNER’REFINER for stepped units works without tools.

In automotive and display glass processing:

Glaston CHAMP EVO represents the latest evolution in the CHAMP automotive glass

preprocessing line. The newest CHAMP EVO generation includes high-precision features in a

grinding machine. Maintenance costs and wear and tear have been reduced considerably with

energy-saving, state-of-the-art linear drives that are accurately adjustable, and a freely moveable

glass holding system for short changeover times. The optimized cell also features lighter moving

parts, such as the cutting bridge or grinding table, and many other technological advancements.

This modernization gives CHAMP EVO better controllability, more dynamic movements, and

high grind edge quality for any shape. It also reduces maintenance needs and offers even

higher precision, among other benefits.

The Glaston HYPERFEX grinding system represents a revolution in glass edge grinding. The

new HYPERFEX grinding wheels take into account all aspects of glass preprocessing for

different applications and demonstrate significantly improved performance parameters.

The new Glaston Matrix EVO automatic bending furnace is now available to revolutionize the

way automotive windshields and sunroofs are bent to perfection. The line is specifically

designed to meet the most challenging requirements in today’s automotive industry. It offers the

best optical quality for applications, such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), head-

up displays (HUD) and coated glasses when combined with the most complex shapes.

The line is especially well suited for today’s fast-paced production with high-quality demands,

fast job changes and a wide scope of end-product requirements.

In services:

Glaston’s latest development in services includes new upgrade possibilities for glass heat

treatment, insulating glass manufacturing as well as automotive and display glass processing.

The new modular Glaston Care service agreement concept offers a wide range of service

options to match your specific needs.

Come and join our live demos & meet with our industry experts at Stand A40/A41 in Hall 15

we can show you more!


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