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High-Performance ZIPPE Batch Plant Starts Operating at Wiegand-Glas in Schleusingen

ZIPPE Industrieanlagen has now executed a major order for Wiegand-Glas. This project is about a new batch and cullet plant including batch transport as well as two cullet return systems for the Wiegand glassworks in Schleusingen (Thuringia / Germany).

The first line, which feeds the new melting furnace 1, has been put into operation successfully at the beginning of June 2020.

ZIPPE batch and cullet plant including batch transport for project Wiegand-Glas Schleusingen.

In Schleusingen, two new production lines will be built next to the existing production site.

Company ZIPPE received the order from Wiegand-Glas for the erection of the necessary batch and cullet plant as well as two cullet return systems on a turn-key basis.

This new 900tpd batch and cullet plant in Schleusingen is designed for feeding two melting furnaces with a capacity of 450 tons per day each.

The sand feeding of the silos is executed with a mechanical system. The other raw material silos are fed pneumatically. All silos are weighed in order to measure the exact raw material stock.

Eight container scales and two small component scales are employed for weighing the raw materials.

For mixing the batch, three high duty pan mixers are used. Via a redundant batch transport the batch is then transported to the corresponding furnace pre-silos.

Furthermore, a very complex cullet dosing system is integrated in the batch house. Various sorts of external cullet can be dosed with the help of twelve belt scales. The addition of internal cullet is executed via three further belt scales directly inside the furnace building.

Additionally, two cullet return systems are part of the ZIPPE scope of supply. Here, five scraping conveyors as well as the proven ZIPPE crusher technology comes into operation. The generated internal cullet is transported directly into the cullet silos in the furnace building and fed into the melting process again.

The ZIPPE scope of supply also comprises the complete steel work incl. silos, equipment delivery, control system as well as the complete services such as installation, cabling, pipework, commissioning and training of customer personnel.


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