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There is increasing demand for Managers and Shift Leaders of glass producers to have easy and flexible access to batch plant and cullet return data.

In most batch plants, software and programs are installed on local PCs and servers, and external access requires a VPN on special software via desktop computers or laptops. Therefore, access from outside the control room is only possible through the automation engineers of the glass producer and the automation engineers of the batch plant suppliers.

Access batch plant data, any time, any place

Batch plants around the globe rely on EME’s electric control and automation systems to control their process. Now, with a customer-friendly monitoring and analysis system, this has become even more accessible and trustworthy.

The EME Dashboard is a web-based batch system for the glass industry, supporting batch handling, recipe management and predictive maintenance. Real-time troubleshooting at any time, from any place in the world, is guaranteed.

Real-time performance analysis

The system delivers fast, easy, and flexible access for different employment levels, from Operators and Shift Leaders to Directors and Management.

The advantages are real-time information on alarms, actual batch house performance, plant status, or the utilization of the batch plant. Plant managers and the purchasing department can analyse raw material levels in silos and their consumption, as well as use the utilisation monitor to see the active production time and downtime of all areas.

Stay informed and in control

The techniques and technologies that make EME’s dashboard platform possible are web-based software and cloud computing. While software and programs are still in

stalled at local desktop computers within the batch plant, access is granted via browser-based software. It does not require local installation of additional software on hardware such as tablets, smartphones and desktop computers (Windows or Linux).

The proven EME Maintenance module registers the run times of all selected equipment and defined maintenance intervals. The communication between machines and the management process is done with the SCADA protocol, and the connections use OPC servers.

With access to real-time data all conveniently displayed in a clear and attractive design, this new dashboard from EME makes life much easier for batch plants looking to maximise efficiency through informed decision making.

Discover more by visiting or visiting us at glasstec 2022 – Stand B38, Hall 15.


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