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In order to overcome the tough challenges our industry is facing during the COVID-19

pandemic, the SORG Group has had to learn and adapt quickly to a whole new way of


Recently, one of its customers – ISANTI Glass in South Africa – had to instigate a strict

lockdown and dramatically reduce the tonnage from its furnace in the short term. This led to

a frozen glass melt in the throat area, which can cause a blockage and other critical defects.

Therefore, the furnace had to be stopped as a precautionary measure and started again as

quickly as possible, to ensure minimal loss of revenue.

Unable to visit and tackle this emergency situation on-site, SORG engineers had to

communicate with many different ISANTI employees across the globe through video

conferencing. Led by Holger Mayer, SORG’s expert team offered remote support and

training to the operators, managing to implement complex measures and instruct vital repair

work over the course of three weeks.

By rising to such an incredibly tough challenge, they successfully removed the issue, while

still providing the superior quality of service customers expect from SORG.

Through virtual meetings from home offices, the service team continues to help maintain an

efficient level of performance and fulfill customer needs in line with respective country-

specific restrictions.

Regular management board meetings to co-ordinate the global strategy in line with

respective country-specific restrictions are also ensuring that SORG is in a strong position to

proceed with its international service activities.


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