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Due to the different coronavirus restrictions in South Africa, SORG Group had no choice but to offer commissioning and tempering at Consol Glass (Pty.) Ltd via remote support.

With a world-class reputation for innovative glass melting and conditioning technologies, SORG supplied a 175 TPD 340S+® tandem forehearth to Africa’s largest glass container manufacturer, as well as a SCADA system for its Furnace C1 and two forehearths.

Keeping up to date with the individual rules of respective countries has been a real challenge, especially when they can often change on a daily basis.

Having supervised the installation of equipment and initial heating up of the furnace on-site, SORG’s specialists had to come and go on a daily basis when lockdown started, before the furnace was eventually cooled down due to a total alcohol ban and all work related to it.

As soon as the lockdown was lifted there was a high demand for glass bottles, however with international travel still not allowed the specialist team was able to offer very good remote assistance. Combined with the excellent work of Consol Glass personnel, it was possible to successfully and safely put the forehearth and SCADA system into full operation.


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